Pidan Spiral Cat Bed Simple, morden, natural, comfy, & unique. This golden ratio pet bed get its design from the stunning Fibbonaci spiral. Your pet can sleep int he beautiful spiral streamlined design cutting. The pet bed has a rotary passage and a spacious area for a rest. It allows your pet to curl up naturally. The high-low staggered wooden cat bed edge mathes with different sleeping positions and body types. This refined and minimalist pet bed is suitable for different styles of furnishings. The pet bed frame is made of high-quality basswood with a wood wax treated surface, making it fresh and clean. Pad cover made of soft cloth with exquisite tailoring, it is concise and beautiful.


  • The wood used is all natural.
  • The base has anti-skid device so it is not eays to slide yet gentle on the wooden floor.
  • Suitable for both cats and small breed dogs.


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