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Terms & Conditions for Grooming

I confirm my pet is fit, healthy and fully vaccinated. In the event of an emergency, I authorise veterinary treatment at my expense. I agree that the dog groomer will not be liable for any irritation of any pre-existing skin conditions. If my pet harbours any parasites, I will clear them at my own expense. In the event my pet attempts to bite grooming staff, I understand a muzzle may be used to prevent further danger. If I fail to collect my pet at the agreed time, I will cover the extra costs. I understand that PAW Pets adheres to codes of practise under International guiding principles for Animal Care and I understand they will consult me if any issues arise when grooming my pet.

Matting Pet Release Form

The need to remove matted hair is a necessity. When a coat becomes tangled beyond the ability to brush or comb through it, the most humane method is to shave off the matted hair. Shaving may seem severe, but it is the fastest and least stressful way to groom a matted pet.

Matted coats can cause the following problems:
Skin irritation caused by dirt, dander and parasites trapped under matted hair.
Sores and hair loss: As mats get tighter, they eventually pull out of the skin, causing bald spots and sore skin.
In severe cases, maggots can infest skin sores.
It is not uncommon to find pre-existing conditions such as hot spots, sores, and other skin issues once the matted coat is removed. There is a chance that your pet’s skin may become irritated from being clipped so close.
Ear bruising or hematoma bleeding due to excessive head shaking after removal of mats can occur.

Because the procedure takes extreme care and extra time, there will be additional charges depending on the severity of the matting.

I have read and understood the above. I hereby release PAW Pets from responsibility for the above-mentioned shaving process and any problems that may be uncovered or occur during the said procedure. I agree to pay all charges for the said procedure. Should my pet require veterinary care during or after the procedure, I authorise PAW Pets to provide necessary treatment for my pet and agree to pay all veterinary fees.